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Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Mbacke

Do know, o my Brother! That knowledge is superior to action, being its principle and root - bliss to whom is endued with it!
Nevertheless, knowledge could not bear fruit and bring profit without its subsequent putting into practice; so try to combine both of them...
Few actions based on definite knowledge will, of a surety, entail more Reward than a host of actions performed with ignorance
Useful knowledge - discern thou it - is only that which has been learned and taught for the Sole Countenance of the MAJESTIC LORD, the ONE
But not that which has been learned for debates, making parade and searching for glamour - know thou this!
Nor that which has been acquired for worldly purposes as the liking for authority and high responsibilities
Nor that which has been got in order to fill people's hearts with admiration -think thou about...
Whosoever makes a great effort to acquire knowledge for just such kinds of purposes
...And who repents not thereof before his death or his old age, and who tries not hard to make up for his errors of youth,
...That one shall get, on the Day of Questioning and Reckoning, naught but Misfortune, Blame, and Chastisement!
For his vast knowledge will become an argument against him on that Day; one has verily to fear such an argument...
Useful knowledge is that which fills its bearer with Fear (Taqwã) of ALLAH, the CREATOR of the servants
That which inspires humility, asceticism, Pious Propriety (Adab), self-effacement, and the awareness of one's weakness [before ALLAH]
That which purifies the heart helps in mastering one's lust and prevents man from transgressing the Orders of the MAKER
As for such knowledge that has not such virtues, it can save no one from our LORD's Hell, Verily!


"The three basic principles of] Ethics are (1) showing mercy to anyone that is younger than you, (2) showing respect to anyone that older than you, (3) treating your fellows as you would like to be treated. Mind to do all of this for the sole Countenance of God, the Creator to whom belongs the Majestic Throne"

Khadimou Rassoul


"Take great care of God’s Rights through your duties towards His creatures…Be always mindful of your duties towards your fellow men, instead of their duties towards you.” 

Khadimou Rassoul

I have reawakened the writings of the Noble Ancients so as to benefit [my fellow creatures] for the sole Countenance of the Lord.

I set myself to composing writings through which every believer, except a Prophet, can be guided to the Right Path, if God wills.

I content myself with God, out of all other masters. And I content myself with the Prophet, out of all other intermediaries.

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