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Our mission is to provide an education that is rooted in Islamic faith and ideals that draws upon the noblest Islamic traditions of ‘Ilm (Knowledge), ‘Ibadah (Worship), ’Ihsan (Excellence), and ‘Adl (Justice) and that seeks to inculcate these values in our students so that they can take their place in society as conscientious Muslims, following the Sira'at-al-Mustaqeem (the Straight Path) while also aspiring to the highest goals in the professions they choose.


Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba (Khadimu Rassul)… On The READING OF THE QUR’AN
    • As for the Advantages ensuing from a regular reading of the Qur-ãn, they are held in great regard by the Stainless Master [Al-Yadãli]
    • Whoever wishes to draw nearer to his LORD, let him read the Qur-ãn CEASELESSLY...
    • I do add for myself: "Whoever wishes to earn ALLAH's Satisfaction, let him read CONSTANTLY the Qur-ãn and MEDITATE on its verses..."
    • Persist then in reading that Book was it only three Hizb everyday
    • And never give up such a habit as many students commonly do nowadays...
    • Some who claim to be Sufis (Mystics) declare that what they are practicing [as worship] is worthier than the reading of the Qur-ãn, [the reason for which they disregard it]
    • Know that such an allegation is groundless and erroneous; Satan has deluded such people - do bring thyself closer to ALLAH through the Book instead...
    • For the Sublime Qur-ãn constitutes the very basis of any true knowledge in this world - as put it the Proficient Master
    • Never desert it, nay, but read thou it continually and ask for whatever sort of knowledge thou wish thereby
    • ... As did it the Virtuous Ancients; any of them has indeed quenched his thirst with the Waves of its Unfathomable Ocean...
    • Do endeavor earnestly to adopt any servant's exemplary attitude which has been praised therein by the LORD
    • And, conversely, any behavior that has been blamed and forbidden to a creature therein, avoid it - so wilt thou show uprightness...
    • For He - the MOST HIGH - has only revealed it so as to be put into practice - do try to put its Message into practice...
    • However few verses read with meditation and understanding are preferred to the thoughtless reading of many Surã
    • It has also been said that no one but who that meditates reflectively on its content will be rewarded thereof by the LORD of Volition...
    (Masãlik-ul-Jinaan, v. 527-541)
The Foundation Khadimou Rassoul North America FKRNA extends the objectives of the Al Azar Institute in the propagation of Islamic culture through education by creating Islamic Institutes, organizing cultural events, and publishing a magazine and periodicals. The Foundation Khadimou Rassoul North America's main goal is to strengthen authentic faith in Muslims and provide them with a good education, emphasizing Islamic Culture, so that they withstand devastating currents of thoughts; effectively contribute to the fight against illiteracy, juvenile, and unemployment. These noble objectives can be achieved only through good education programs and the propagation of Islamic culture. Sheikh Mourtada Mbacke in the early 1950s founded Al Azar Institute to carry forward the wish of the Venerated Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Mbacke who showed tremendous interest in instruction and education of the Muslims. He quoted to youngsters: “WHOEVER PROHIBITS YOU FROM LEARNING IS A MISGUIDED PERSON AND A REPRESENTATIVE OF SATAN.”
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